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Digital Audio

Accessibility: Consumers like the ability to access streamed content 24/7, via an increasing variety of delivery platforms

Ease of Use: is a major factor in consumers’ quick adaptation of streaming services, other digital audio.

Consumer Data: Digital audio platforms have a wealth of “big data” on their subscribers that can be used to help advertisers target specific consumers or segments.

Targeting: Targeted audio advertising can be inserted into live stream, enabling advertisers to target listeners based on user profiles, listening preferences, location, demographic and psychographic criteria and on specific devices; or to create custom segments based on listener data.

Trackable: Advertisers can immediately see impact of response to their advertising.

Mobility: In-Car listing via Cellphone grew from 6% in 2010 to 26% in 2014 – to 35% of total 12+ and 59% of 12-24 year olds in 2015.

(Source: The Infinite Dial 2015 – Edison Research/Triton Digital - % of cellphone owners who ever listened to AM/FM radio stations online and/or listening to streamed audio content available only on the Internet)

Sound Quality: 59% of weekly online radio listeners say quality of sound is superior to “over-the-air” AM/FM radio, while 21% find it about the same

(Source: The Infinite Dial 2014 – Edison Research/Triton Digital)

Fewer Commercials: Listeners to both AM/FM and online radio (26% of U.S. 12+ population base) see AM/FM radio as having more commercials and more intrusive commercials – but also more relevant commercials than online audio

69% say AM/FM has more commercials, 17% say online has more
47% say AM/FM has commercials that are more intrusive, 30% say online
44% say AM/FM has commercials that are more personally relevant, 32% say online
(Source: The Infinite Dial 2014 – Edison Research/Triton Digital)

Satellite Radio Advantages

Availability: Consumers can access in their cars, as well as on many digital devices. Also available via many cable and satellite TV services

Drivers can access same programming anywhere: Has strong appeal to people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and especially those who drive long distances

Emulates AM/FM Radio: Wide variety of programming choices, with channels offering choices of music formats, on-air personalities, and news, talk and sports formats

Upscale: Approximately half (49.7%) of subscribers reside in households with $100K+ incomes, possibly an reflection of relatively high subscription fees

(Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2014)

Ad Acceptance: Although they pay a subscription fee, satellite listeners appear to tolerate commercials
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